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The Lisburn Press

Jim formed The Lisburn Press, a small Southern publishing house, in 2005.   It has become one of the fastest growing small publishing companies in the country.  The first publication was Jim’s first book, Justice Denied.  His personal story is one of the most riveting examples of an unjust court system, and has been praised and quoted by lawyers and judges throughout the country.  You can read numerous newspaper reviews of this book and get much more information about it by going to

His second book was a compilation of many of his widely read weekly columns that appear in newspapers and websites throughout the South.  It is called Adventures of an Alternative Reality of Living in Louisiana. (Enter at your own Risk). Quite a title, don’t you agree?  Full information about this new book and how to order it are also found on The Lisburn Press website.

There are other new titles available on the Lisburn Press site.  The most recent publication has become an overnight best seller.  It’s the compelling story of Louisiana’s most well known and notorious Governor-Edwin Edwards.  Author Leo Honeycutt, who was commissioned by Jim to write this book, has sold over 40,000 copies in less than five months.

You will find other recent titles on the website, and look for several more titles to appear soon.  All at

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