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About Jim’s New Books

Jim Brown’s New Books

Jim will be touring Louisiana and Mississippi, plus other key stops throughout the South beginning in mid-September.  He will be kicking off his NEW book tour to talk about his latest book entitled

Adventures of an Alternative Reality of Living in Louisiana. 
(Enter at your own Risk)

You can read all about this new book of Jim’s, just published by clicking on the  book cover on the homepage of this site.

  Jim is available to come to your group or organization to speak about current political and economic conditions in Louisiana and the South.  Full contact information is below.  

Jim’s first book, Called JUSTICE DENIED, is now available to order on this site. A full description follows.

JUSTICE DENIED is in its third printing, and has become a Louisiana classic. With the simple power of a man betrayed by his government, former Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Brown paints an unflinching portrait of his six-year ordeal fighting criminal charges brought against him by the Justice Department.

This book is “my account of the struggle I faced in opposing the federal government’s effort to unjustly convict me of false criminal charges.” So begins this powerful book in which Jim Brown documents bow the Justice Department fabricated charges against him.

For thirty-two years, Jim Brown was one of Louisiana’s most popular and well-respected public officials. His world changed dramatically in 1999, when just four weeks before his re-election as Insurance Commissioner, he was blind-sided with a fifty-six count indictment involving insurance fraud. Jim brown was overwhelming re-elected, and was cleared of over 90% of the charges against him. This extraordinary memoir is his personal account of his fight against the Justice Department in an effort to clear his name.

With passion, conviction and dead-aim honesty, Brown exposes the hypocrisies of those who are supposed to protect. With astonishing candor, we read of Brown being forced to go through one of the most secret trials in American history. Some of the low points include:

He was the first public official in this country to be indicted just a few weeks before his re-election.

He was the first public official in this country to be put under a gag order, unable to speak out in his defense.

His trial was one of the most secret in U.S. history. Even the jury in his case was selected behind closed doors with the press and even his family barred from the courtroom. He was tried by an anonymous jury.

He was not allowed to have key evidence, handwritten notes taken by an FBI agent, that would have cleared him. In addition, he was not allowed to cross-examine the agent about this important evidence.

With unrivaled flair for anecdote and a deep understanding of Louisiana politics, Brown describes a fascinating cast of characters that were elected to lead Louisiana during the last thirty years. Written with eloquence, this book will become a classic of how one individual was unjustly prosecuted and persecuted by the federal judicial system. JUSTICE DENIED is now available in all bookstores. Order it direct at the link above

The compelling book covers the entire Cascade controversy from beginning to end. Jim gives his insights as to the real reason he was charged, a detailed review of the trial, and a full analysis of why the jury was kept in the dark and made their wrong decision.

In addition, Jim gives his perspective on some of the major political events that took place during his 30 years in public life. If you have an interest in the justice system, US and Louisiana politics, and how the government can unjustly turn on an individual citizen, then JUSTICE DENIED is a must read.

Numerous reviews on this book can be read on the publisher’s website found at You can also order the book here at a discount.

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