Why Didn’t The FBI And DHS Produce A Threat Report Ahead of The Capitol Insurrection?

The FBI is under attack by news media and public officials all over the country for failing to aggressively take action to stop the riots against the Capitol in Washington,DC on January 6. There were any number of warnings that riots against the nation’s  Capitol would take place.  Although there was much material out there showing the certainty of an attack, one FBI office only in Virginia routinely sent a short email that virtually no one in authority ever saw. It’s tragic that people lost their lives, and so much violence and damage took place because of the incompetence of the FBI. To see just a typical new story, you can read a typical press report by NPR by Clicking Here. And this from The New York Times.”The officials testified that the F.B.I. and the intelligence community had failed to provide adequate warnings that rioters planned to seize the Capitol.”  To read more,  Click Here.

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