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January 17, 2018


The Louisiana Governor and Legislature seem to be in free fall as they continue hollering that the fiscal sky is falling. The state is busted, and may have to shutdown many programs. But how serious is the financial problem, and how much is generally political hype? The state income keeps going up at a rapid rate. The state is losing population. So what’s the problem. I take a look at the outcry in this week’s column. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Weekend Radio Program Schedule!

Guest list for Sunday, Jan. 21st, 2018.
9:30 am – Professor Steve  Nemerovski ((political Dysfunction)
10:00 am – Prof. Allan Saxe    (Government Shut down)
10:30 am – Mike Rubin   (New legal thriller-“Cashed Out.”)

The Piano Black Keys!

Here’s a moving video to listen to in celebrating Martin Luther King’s anniversary. At Carnegie Hall, gospel singer Wintley Phipps delivers perhaps the most powerful rendition of  Amazing Grace . He says, “A lot of people don’t realize that just about all NegroSpirituals are written on the black notes of the piano. Slaves were not permitted to use the white keys. Probably the most famous on this slave scale was written by John Newton, who used to be the captain of a slave ship, and many believe he heard this melody that sounds very much like a West African sorrow chant.

Video from KarmaTube

January 10, 2018


What a national championship football game last week! Alabama never led until the last second of overtime. So what does such a victory say about legendary coach Nick Saban? Many LSU fans don’t like him, saying he betrayed them. But he continues to win. So what’s the secret to his success? Take a look at my new column to see what I think, and see if you agree. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Weekend Radio Program Schedule!

Wow! What a weekend show we have lined up. We will talk about the President’s daily rants and controversial remarks. Those “s…y African countries”? How many people would agree with him. Also, actor Mark Wahlberg received 100 times more money to reshoot the movie “All the Money in the World” then did his co-star Michelle Williams.” Was this fair? Gender expert Dr. Cortney Baker ( will join us to discuss. And will the new so called “health consumerism” work to keep prices down? We will ask Dr. Elaina George, who has written extensively about the subject. Click Here to learn more. Finally, it’s Girl Scout cookie time, but how bad are they?  We will ask Dr. Fab  Mancini( about them.  So check local listings for times and stations. See you on the radio.

Like, I’m Really Smart!

Is that a Valley Girl  talking to her friends?  NO, and like him or not,  it’s  our Prez speaking about how smart he is.  I like Einstein’s comments on being “really smart.”  But you have to admit, the Donald  sure keeps us amused.

January 9, 2018

A Real Masterpiece!

Shown here is Pope Francis presiding over a Mass in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican this past Sunday with Michelangelo’s famed frescoes on the ceiling overhead.I’v been to the Sistine Chapel on several occasions, and it it is breathtaking experience.  What a painting genius. I’m also reading Walter Isaacson’s Leonardo Da Vinci now. What a marvelous biography of another giant artist in the 15th century. They don’t make artistic geniuses like these guys today.

January 3, 2018


As the Music Man sang, there’s trouble in River City at LSU. The Bayou State’s flagship has had a bad few months. Mediocre football some people will say. But it’s much worse than this. What once was the outstanding university in the south has dropped way below average. What happened and what can be done? I write about the problem in this week’s column. You can read it now by clicking on the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Radio Weekend Program Schedule!

A great weekend show lined up from our listeners. Dr. John Dyben joins us to talk about new discoveries of no addictive opioids. This could be a huge breakthrough. Also, certified counselor Leigh Richardson we’ll talk about eating fish and how it improves IQ scores and sleep. And finally, does the South get painted in one stroke so that everyone there thinks and acts the same? Scott McKay, Publisher of The Hayride, will join us to discuss. So join us for a lively program. Check local listings for times and stations. We will see you on the radio.

Cold Enough for You?

Well is it cold enough for you? We rarely get cold weather down here in the deepest of the southern states. I remember on a number of occasions going to swimming in my backyard pool in January. No way this year. We are supposed to get some snow in a few days, and the kids will love that. This is just a personal note from me and hoping that your New Year’s is going well, and you have a prosperous and productive 2018. And be sure and bundle up in the weeks to come.

December 27, 2017


Have you had your fill for the year 2017, and ready to move on? I sure am. On the national scene, Pres. Trump continues to stir the pot of conflict. Sure the president has a bully pulpit, but is he all that big a bully? And how about these federal judges that can’t even answer simple questions about enforcing the law? You’ll see some amusing tidbits on the questions that I hope the Senate will be asking in he future. Take a look at it all in my new column now posted. You can read it by clicking on the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Radio Weekend Program Schedule!

We will broadcast our final radio program of the year on Sunday morning, and we review the highs and lows of 2017.  I hope you had a good year.  We will talk about special things that have happened in the past few months  and a new beginning for all of us.  So join us as we bring  in 2018. Check local listings for times and stations. We will see you on the radio.

Your Tax Dollars at Work!

The Connecticut  House Minority Leader pictured standing, far right, speaks while colleagues play solitaire  as the House convened to vote on a new budget. The guy sitting in the row in front of these two…he’s on Face book, and the guy behind is checking out the baseball scores. These are the folks that couldn’t get the budget out by Oct. 1, and are about to control your health care, cap and trade, and the list goes on and on. Should we buy them larger screen computers – or – a ticket home, permanently?

December 20, 2017


State government in Louisiana and in many other states throughout the country are busted, and have little or no tax dollars for infrastructure and new road construction. What to do? There are creative solutions going on in a number of more progressive states. And a little thinking “outside the box” can bring in a great amount of new money. I talk about it this week in my new column. Take a look by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

Weekend Radio Update!

Time for our annual Christmas show. Here’s what’s on tap. Vincent Genna will give us a live psychic reading and to discuss why dead relatives might
very well make an appearance at your holiday gathering and why the season is so filled with spirits. Genna is a triple power psychic – a psychic with the knowledge and experience of a licensed psychotherapist, and the personality of a showman. And let’s begin getting in shape for the New Year. Trainer Bryant Johnson, the personal trainer for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, will give us some tips. So join us for a lively program. Check local listings for times and stations. See you on the radio.

FBI Under Seige!

The FBI is receiving a great deal of criticism and for good reason in many instances.  Just look at a cross section of editorial cartoons below.  You can see a consensus building that the supposedly nation’s top law enforcement agency is being accused of conflicts, being biased, playing favorites, leaking information to the press, grandstanding and being untruthful to congress.  Hopefully, congress will sort out the entire FBI mess in their current hearings on these FBI conflicts.  Here is the latest story of Congress investigating the FBI.  The headline is quite clear.

House Republicans quietly investigate perceived corruption at  FBI

(For full story, Click Here)

December 13, 2017


Was it a sad ending for Republicans in Alabama over the loss of the U.S. Senate seat? Former Judge Roy Moore, a republican, lost what should have been a sure republican spot. But maybe it was a blessing in disguise. I explain this theory in my new column. Also, there is a special tribute to federal Judge Jim Brady, who unexpectedly passed away this week. A real loss.  You can read the column now by clicking on the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking here.

Radio Weekend Program Schedule!

Ready for weekend radio? The Alabama US Senate race, and the repeal of the net neutrality. Craig Aaron, President of the Free Press Action Fund will join us to discuss. How bad is sugar for you? Gary Taubes has written a new book called “The Case Against Sugar.” Finally it’s the Christmas season. Is there still a war against Christmas? And Renae Baker will join us to discuss. So check your local listings for times an stations. Happy holidays and see you on the radio.

Unbelievable Wild Fires!

What a tragedy taking place in California. The fifth-largest wildfire in California history expanded yesterday, ripping through dry brush atop a coastal ridge while crews struggled to keep flames from roaring down into neighborhoods amid fears of renewed winds.  This most recent fire was raced to encampment: Blaze was accidentally ignited at a homeless camp near L.A.’s most affluent homes. Look at these chilling photos below of raging fire and horses flee the flames.  How sad.

Snowing in the Crescent City!

I’ve spent a good part of my life in New Orleans, certainly the most interesting city in America. I went to Tulane Law school the 60s, practice law there in the 70s, did a week day radio show beginning in 2005, and have had an apartment there often on for the last 54 years. I don’t ever recall it snowing, outside of a slight drizzle. The picture below shows all the snow New Orleans received just a week ago. I’m really sorry I was not there to enjoy it.

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