July 8, 2020


The Louisiana legislature just passed new laws that are supposed to reduce auto insurance rates. 25% reduction says the insurance commissioner. And before the end of the year. Realistic? Of course not. There’s a lot more to reducing insurance rates in the Bayou State than clamping down on people’s right to sue. I take a look at this problem in my new column, and outline what really should have been done rather than the smokescreen that was passed by the legislature. Don’t go spending money you think you’re going to get. You can read my column now by clicking on the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

July 1, 2020


Are we supposed to be politically correct in everything we do? Some people think so. Well there are issues involving race, gays, transgenders, praying in public, and even who can or cannot bake a cake. Everything we do these days has a “politically correct” connotation attached to it. Have we gone to far in America, or is there some middle ground to allow freedom of expression without offending others? Check out my new column to see what I think and to decide if you agree. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

UP in the Mountains!

As part of my pandemic defense, our family is up on the Blue Ridge Mountains south of Boone North Carolina for the summer. And look who I came across.  I’ve found a new hiking buddies. He’s lots of laughs.  And we are both keeping up common sense protections.

Life’s Simple Joys before the Internet!

Can any of us even remember life before the digital age? Things were so much simpler then. We were sitting down at family meals, spending lots of time reading, never looking down at iPhones, because they did not exist. Actually, one of the only benefits of the current pandemic is the fact that we have more free time. Check out the video below to see what life was like in simpler times, and maybe we can now adopt some of these relaxing and creative methods to focus on your own life. I’m sure try to do so.

June 24, 2020

An Almost Republican Convention in New Orleans!

We are living in uncertain times, with COVID-19, economic problems, and racial confrontations. But political life goes on, and both Democrats and Republicans are preparing for their national conventions. New Orleans was in the running for the Republican national convention up until a few weeks ago. In my new column, I talk about the last time the city held such a convention, and why the Crescent city is such an appealing location for large gatherings. You can read the column now by Clicking Here or going to the Red Flashing Box above.

One of My Favorite Flash Mobs!

I’ve seen a number of Broadway shows in my life, but at the top of my list has always been Les Miserables. The music is wonderful, and it’s a compelling story about the French revolution. If you’ve never seen the show, I would urge you to do so. Below is a shopping center flash mob who put on quite a performance. It’s certainly worth taking a look.

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