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June 19, 2019


If you live down here the deep South, politics should be really heating up. There are major gubernatorial elections for both Louisiana and Mississippi. But so far, there does not seem to be very much interest. And I write this week about one of the reasons why. Politics just does not seem to be much fun anymore. And it should be. Read my new column and see what you think. You can read it by going to the Red Flashing Box above or by Clicking Here.

Somewhere to Cool Down!

I hate to rub it into all my Louisiana  friends, but I spent the last several weeks up in the mountains of North Carolina.  It was great while lasted, but home to It was great while it lasted, but now home to get caught up on much backed up work. . Hope all you folks are making the best of real hot summer. 


June 12, 2019


Politics, both in Louisiana as well as across the country, seems to have become quite in cinerary. Constant attacks, low blows, good guy bad guy, and little cooperation between Republicans and Democrats. Is this the wave of the future? I take a look at politics from the past in Louisiana and the entire aura of Huey long. The Kingfish would be in hog heaven with the politics of today. I talk about all this my new column now posted. You can read it by Clicking Here or going to the Red Flashing Box above.

Great New Sports Podcast.

There are a lot of great podcasts on the web, particularly if you interested in sports.  One of the best happens to be produced by and stars my grandson, Eli Senor out of New York City. Eli is 11 years old, but really has a solid background in a cross section of interesting sports stories. Take a look. You will be surprised by his sports background and interesting updates.  To listen, Click Here.

June 5, 2019


Louisiana has a major affordable insurance problem. The highest insurance costs in all America. The business lobby in the state says it is the fault of the judicial system. That was blown out of the water in the recent session of the legislature. A major problem is the regulators who allow insurance companies to charge at will whatever rate they want. Did you know there’s a widow tax in Louisiana? That’s right. Widows pay 15% more. Other examples will get you very angry. Check out my new column that is posted. You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above or by Clicking Here.

Check your High Car Insurance Rates!

My column this week is about the complications of car insurance. Be sure and take a look. Here is a good video about the vast differences you may be charged based on a number of factors, some quite unfair. Bottom line? To save money, shop around and understand just what you are buying.

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