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April 14, 2021


It used to be a Louisiana problem. But now there are serious natural disasters happening all over the country. Louisiana is still at the top of the list when it comes to having higher insurance rates. So what do we do? There is an idea that has been out there for sometime, going back 25 years. We need a national catastrophic program, where all states participate. It’s simple, will not cost any federal money, and will help dramatically to lower homeowner’s property insurance rates in Louisiana. I explain it all my new column. Check it out now about going to the Red Flashing Box above, or Clicking Here.

Shame on the Justice Department!

Several recent articles have appeared recently by and concerning former Alabama governor Don Siegelman. Don and I became good friends we both served as secretary of state back in the 1980s. He was a dedicated public official who had his eyes set on becoming governor, and he finally did one day. An out of control and tainted US attorney in Alabama said his sights on bringing Siegelman down. Trumped up charges that have no basis led to Siegelman’s’s conviction and time in jail.  A story in the New Yorker magazine shout all that happened in detail. You can read it by Clicking Here. And there are new observations by Siegelman on himself in a. guest column  and he recently wrote, that is available by Clicking Here.  Anyone who thinks there’s any justice out of the Department of Justice is being naïve. When we talk about abuse is another countries, ought to   first look right here at home at questionable act by some US attorneys and a tainted Justice Department.

April 7, 2021

Is Hate Crime Legislation Necessary?

In recent months, there is been widespread discussion of creating crimes based on age. Is there a difference on what someone is thinking? If your loved one is murdered, doesn’t make any difference what the reason might be? Shouldn’t the punishment be the same based on the crime that is committed? Or should there be different categories in the same criminal act? I write about the problem of hate crimes in my new column. To read it, you can go to the Red Flashing Box above or by Clicking Here.


From the first time I heard the song by Leonard Cohen, I loved “Hallelujah.” Many people have recorded it in various ways. Here’s a marvelous rendition by two talented musicians called the TwoCellos. It’s certainly worth a listen.

March 31, 2021

Renaming an Alabama Fort for a Louisiana Hero!

Many of you readers are too young to remember the massacre that took place in the Vietnam war and an isolated location called My Lai. It was some 33 years ago, and hundreds of innocent Vietnamese were slaughtered by US troops. It was certainly one of the low points in American military history.  More innocents would’ve been slaughtered if it were not for a Louisiana helicopter pilot named Hugh Thompson. History  shown him to be a real American hero, and he was f rom Lafayette, Louisiana.  You can read all about this tragedy in this week’s column now posted. Check it out here by clicking on the Red Flashing Box above or by Clicking Here.

Happy Easter!

Glad you’re checking out my website. I hope you and your family all have a safe and happy Easter weekend.

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